Our Purpose

“To know Him, and make Him known” (Phil. 3:1-21)

PROCLAIMING: Christ exalted as Lord over all

PREACHING: Christ crucified, risen, and coming again

POINTING: To Christ as the only means of justification, sanctification, and glorification

PROVIDING: Christ as the answer to all of life’s problems

PROTECTED: By Christ and His ministry through the Holy Spirit in His Church

PLACING: Our complete trust in Christ and commitment to His Word as the only infallible and inerrant rule for all faith and practice

PATTERN: To follow Christ and His Word as our Model for living and serving

PRINCIPLE: To be Christ-centered, and not man-centered, in both message and method

POLICY: To see Christ in both the Doctrines of Grace and human responsibility

PRACTICE: To have the love of Christ as the ultimate motive for service and obedience

POWER: A total dependence upon the authority of Christ, and the enablement of the Holy Spirit to accomplish God’s purpose for His glory, and not our own